Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quality Raw Materials Used in Dee Cee Labs

Ever since I started going organic in my diet, I also see to it that my vitamin supplements are all natural. There are many companies out there that manufacture various health products. But only the Dee Cee Laboratories brand got my vote. I’m doubly careful when it comes to food or anything that my family and I use regularly. So after interviewing some doctors and researching about nutraceutical-providers myself, I was convinced to choose only Dee Cee Labs products for my family.

All Natural Raw Materials

It impressed me that for almost four decades, Dee Cee Labs has been making preservative-free products. And they use only quality nutraceuticals. The term “nutraceutical” is becoming more and more popular not just in the medical field but in health-conscious households like ours. It was coined from the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical". 

Nutraceuticals refer to food or food parts that are good for the body and/or cure diseases. Foods have natural vitamins and minerals. We need these substances to live a healthy life. Dee Cee’s in-house food scientists use this knowledge to extract food nutrients that can be used to prevent or treat diseases.

One example is resveratrol. Personally, I’ve been using Resveratrol Red Wine Complex for almost a year now. I’m not a daily wine drinker. But I’m able to get the beneficial effects of red wine through this supplement. Resveratrol is a natural antibiotic found in the skin and seeds of Muscadine grapes. Since using it, I’ve been able to easily maintain normal blood pressure. Its anti-aging result is also a plus. I always get compliments on how “blooming” I look. I also felt more alert and energized.

Aside from my relatives, I’ve recommended this product to my colleagues and friends. I’m confident to do so knowing that Dee Cee’s equipment and ingredients have passed the strict standards of the FDA. No wonder Dee Cee Labs is very transparent with its operation. Their official website even guides you to their manufacturing process. It details how natural raw materials are sourced and weighed. It also explains how capsules and tablets are made, tested, and packaged.

This only shows consumers like me that Dee Cee Labs is really mean what they say. Their manufacturers and distributors not only make and sell their products. They use them, too! So if you’re looking for natural health products that you can trust, you know where to go.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dee Cee Labs: Health Supplement Manufacturing at its Best

Taking nutritional supplements is a healthy habit that I have developed since I’ve discovered simple and mindful living.  Almost all my health supplements, such as Formula 303 and have the Dee Cee Labs brand. Naturally, as in all I do, I set out to do some investigation on my own to see where Dee Cee Labs is located and their manufacturing practices.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Dee Cee Labs has its 40,000-square-foot facilities in White House, Tennessee. This facility has state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that results to high quality products. Dee Cee is a GMP-certified facility that’s registered with the FDA. GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices.”

“Good Manufacturing Practices”-certified facilities make products that are consistently produced and controlled to quality standards for which they were made. Because of this, you’re sure that the health supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies that Dee Cee Labs produce adhere to the strictest quality standards.

Dee Cee Labs is known for their slogan that says “We take what we make.” With that kind of slogan, you can conclude that Dee Cee Labs and the people behind them believe in their products and we should, too. After all, how many health supplement manufacturers have this slogan?