Sunday, February 3, 2013

DC Labs Modified Citrus Pectin

Benefits Modified Citrus Pectin

Citrus fruits are a great source for a number of vitamins and minerals, but one of the more beneficial nutrients that they have to offer is citrus pectin.  Citrus pectin works within the body to fight the spread of cancer, and it may also help with detoxificationDC Labs Modified Citrus Pectin provides the body with highly bioavailable citrus pectin.  This citrus pectin has been modified to reduce the size of the molecules.  This allows for the citrus pectin to be more easily absorbed, and this makes DC Labs Modified Citrus Pectin an effective citrus pectin supplement.

One of the best aspects of citrus pectin is how it effects the growth of cancer.  Citrus pectin works its way through the blood stream and attaches itself to cancer cells.  It then limits the ability of cancer cells to attach to each other, and it may also help to block the cancer from traveling to other parts of the body.  Citrus pectin also helps to block angiogenesis within the cancer cells, and this stops the cancer cells from getting the blood vessels that they need to supply nutrients.  It may also help to limit the damage caused by radiation during different kinds of cancer therapy.

Citrus pectin may also help to detoxify the body.  Toxins, heavy metals, and other pollutants can build up within the body, and this can lead to poor functioning of the body and a number of diseases.  Citrus supports the detoxification, and it may be especially beneficial for removing heavy metals.  It attaches itself to heavy metals and helps to take them out of the body.  One study done with modified citrus pectin found that it helped to reduce the amount of heavy metals in the body by as much as 74 percent.

Some also believe that citrus pectin may help with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, but more research is needed.

DC Labs has been making high quality products for decades, and they produce one of the finest citrus pectin supplements, DC Labs Modified Citrus Pectin.  DC Labs has modified this citrus pectin supplement to minimize the size of the molecules.  This is an important step, because it makes the citrus pectin more bioavailable.  Citrus pectin provides they body with numerous benefits, and it may help with detoxification and to fight the growth and spread of cancer.